Hollow Noise Release

Hello world, we have a record! And you can get it on Bandcamp!

Last summer, Mirko, Rafael and I started weekly sessions at Noisy Rooms Berlin to find out if we could transform some of these quiet and mellow songs into something loud and energetic. After a few rehearsals and our first gig as a band we were invited to record with producer/engineer Bryan Pugh from New York City and Rubber Tracks at H.O.M.E. Studios Hamburg. As recording drums is quite the task, this was a most welcome opportunity. Thanks a lot, guys! In September 2013 we came home with our first drum-, guitar- and vocal-tracks for what we thought would become a quick and easy band EP, just to have something to give away to the people and maybe get us a gig or two. Well, recording bass took us quite a while and the six songs grew into a full album.

‘Hollow Noise’ is now available on Bandcamp as a full length stream. You can download it for 7 Euros or more.


Oliver Hasse & The Hollow Noise Band: Hollow Noise (2014/02/14)
Drums: Mirko Näger-Guckeisen
Bass: Rafael Zyska
Git, Vox, Piano, Toys: Oliver Hasse