Hey folks,

I am recording this winter. New songs and a few that I have kept hidden over the years. I plan to release that stuff by the end of March as my next album. There will be close to zero concerts until then. Follow me on my facebook page to get an update on the process every now and then!

See you soon!

Hollow Noise Release

Hello world, we have a record! And you can get it on Bandcamp!

Last summer, Mirko, Rafael and I started weekly sessions at Noisy Rooms Berlin to find out if we could transform some of these quiet and mellow songs into something loud and energetic. After a few rehearsals and our first gig as a band we were invited to record with producer/engineer Bryan Pugh from New York City and Rubber Tracks at H.O.M.E. Studios Hamburg. As recording drums is quite the task, this was a most welcome opportunity. Thanks a lot, guys! In September 2013 we came home with our first drum-, guitar- and vocal-tracks for what we thought would become a quick and easy band EP, just to have something to give away to the people and maybe get us a gig or two. Well, recording bass took us quite a while and the six songs grew into a full album.

‘Hollow Noise’ is now available on Bandcamp as a full length stream. You can download it for 7 Euros or more.


Oliver Hasse & The Hollow Noise Band: Hollow Noise (2014/02/14)
Drums: Mirko Näger-Guckeisen
Bass: Rafael Zyska
Git, Vox, Piano, Toys: Oliver Hasse