The Night Gardener


Friends, I am changing my artist name.

I have been looking for one for quite a while.

Then it was there, hiding in plain sight, in the lyrics of Shelves:

When the night gardener cuts the old roses

Will you break your chains?

Do you keep your promise, do you keep the change?

Will you shelter me?

Social media are updated, a new website is coming.

See you around!

WWTAL now on Bandcamp

When We Talk About Love has moved from Soundcloud to Bandcamp.

Stream it for free or download the album for 5 bucks or more!

The Dutch Tour

New live dates:


Saturday, June 13th, 9 pm, I will play a short set at Johannes Koch‚s opening of „Och“.
The place is Playing With Eels, Berlin. Exhibition from 7pm.


And there is The Dutch Tour, with Sicilian songwriter Angelo Romano, coming:


The Dutch Tour

As you can see, we have two free nights in our tour schedule.

You live in the Netherlands or Belgium and have a café

or want a house concert on June 22nd or 23rd? Get in touch!


More live dates will follow.